“Running Is A Major Part Of My Life.” Melinda Howard – Columbus, Mississippi

Melinda Howard Columbus

Happy Sunday! One thing we all should be thankful for is good health. We’re so happy to have the Mississippi Chapter RunJunkEeS Run Club leader, Melinda Howard as our guest blogger this week. She shares her battle with obesity and how c25k program changed her life. Enjoy! - Rod


Melinda -I was 5′ tall and weight in at a whopping 275 lbs. Short and round was how I described myself.

I had been diagnosed with a chronic illness and at the age of 48 found myself dependent on oxygen 24/7. This was not good and my husband did not expect me to live another 5 years. We decided to move from our home in Colorado where we were at 8,000 feet altitude to Mississippi where the altitude was 215 ft.

We did not choose Mississippi out of a hat, we did have family living there and it would be fun to be close them again.

Upon arrival in Mississippi, I had to find new physicians. I found an aggressive Dr. who decided to give me a second lease on life. He worked very hard to get me off some of my medications and I am grateful to him for that. While he was whittling away at my medications, I accidentally went toxic on one of my other meds and almost died.

During this time, I forgot how to eat and immediately lost 30 pounds! When I became more cognizant, I decided to really put forth an effort to losing weight and being active. This is where my sister comes into the story. She works at Mississippi State University and they were offering the C25K program. She wanted to do it and wanted me to participate. I said, “Sure!”

Little did I know that 2 yrs later that would have become a life changing day for me. That is the day we began C25K. C25K was the most difficult thing I have ever done and if it had not been the promise I made to my sister, there is no way I would have completed to program. A strange thing happened during that program~I got hooked on running!

The 5K at the completion of the program took me 48 minutes. I was so proud! My husband ran it with me~stuck by my side step by step and then we cried at the finish line. This was a major accomplishment. Not only was I off oxygen and the majority of my medications, I had lost 148 pounds!


I am now 51 and running is a major part of my life. My husband and I are running partners and together have completed many 5K’s, 10K’s, a 12K, 2 half marathons and just completed my first full marathon back on October 20,2013.

Who would have thought that running could have changed my life and the life of my family so dramatically!?!

About Rod Simmons (Rod's Racers)

Co-Founder, CEO of Rod's Racers. We promote road racing in Mississippi from 5k's to Marathons.
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