Beauty And The BeastMode – Shawn Ware – Memphis, Tennessee


Rod – Good Morning! Our story takes us to Memphis, Tn this week to visit with the Beauty And The BeastMode founder, Shawn Ware. She breaks down what’s behind the name. Check her page on facebook. Enjoy! – Rod

Shawn – Hey there! my name is Shawn and i am the one behind the page, Beauty and the Beastmode. I am a full time hair stylist and i have a serious love for fashion and staying active! I have always enjoyed working out, even when i was young! I played almost every sport in the book but my main focus was on swim team, cheer and track! I’ve always had a competitive nature so i always desired to be better and better than i once was before! Not only do i enjoy the ability to constantly test my limits, i also enjoy the friendships i gain because of sports! after i got out of highschool i lost those connections bc i went to a trade school instead of a college where i could have possibly been a part of a team, so i started lifting more, signed up for my first figure competition and then after that started running more and more! Being able to still compete keeps things fresh and keeps me yearning to reach more and more physical goals! Having something to train for always keep me in the training mode and keeps me staying fit! Also, i was lucky enough to marry someone who loves being active just as much as i do! We help motivate each other in the gym, while running or even enjoy just going on hikes! Lot of our date nights are gym dates! Right now i am currently training for my first 100 miler which will be this may, I am getting back into the gym to lift more and make my running body a stronger body! With each race or training run i do i learn more and more about who i am and the strength i actually have! I love how i gain a new confidence in myself when i finish a new distance or lift more than i did the week before, i think that’s what helps drive me and keeps me going! I am SO excited to see where this year takes me and what new adventures it brings my way!


The name Beauty and the Beastmode came about because, One, I am full time hairstylist.  I love beauty, hair and fashion so i try to incorporate that into my page, so this is where the word BEAUTY comes into play. I have a few hair tutorials on there, a few of my fave makeup products have been mentioned and i try to post really cute fashionable workout finds that are on sale or just something that i think my followers MUST HAVE!! Secondly, the word BEASTMODE, pretty much speaks for itself! I love to lift, run, go to spin class, or anything that will get me whipped into shape and be challenging! Through this page i want to inspire those to either start their journey to a healthier lifestyle, improve their current healthy lifestyle and help them realize that they can go harder and push themselves farther than ever before, and provide a page full of support for those with questions and for those that dont even know where to begin!
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  1. run100run says:

    great blog, iv really enjoyed your posts. I would love to have you follow my running journey

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