Never Say Can’t! – Shellie Maggio – Kiln, Mississippi

Shellie My first medal


Rod – You have the power to change addictions that can be not only harmful to you, but others around you. So glad our guest decided one day to quit smoking and found a new addiction call running. Shellie Maggio joins us this evening to share her story. Enjoy!


Shellie – Lets just say that I have always been a active and an outdoors person. I always enjoyed biking with my husband and children and walking regularly in my routine. I in the last 6 years, I started working harder towards living a healthy & toxic free life for my family.  I got angry and sad each time I have lost friends and family to cancer and many immediate members to heart attacks. My father for one was almost one 4 years ago. Keeping myself focused to learn and educate myself more in healthier living helped me why I am doing what I do today. I love sharing with others what I learn and have learned. My story of how I become interested in running and why I love to run.

Shellie's Dad

I had become overloaded with a huge amount of stress that I was surrounded with by other people.  Including  that of  family with addictions, negativity or unhealthy eating habits. I was learning to accept the fact I could not change anyone, only they can change themselves. I wanted to be able to show my children not to follow but to lead in directions where they can live healthy by choices.. My journey in educating myself I learned Stress was as much of a killer than any leading diseases.
I was a smoker for many years and would quit each time i was pregnant but would fall back to the addiction months later. It was one addiction that did NOT fit my lifestyle. I was embarrassed and would often try not to smoke around others. I wanted to be able to live as healthy and help educate others without being known as a closet smoker. It was the worst addiction ever and I was determined to beat the mind game and addiction. I had been living a fairly good and healthy lifestyle for over 6 years strong and that was the last fault I needed to break. In 2012 December/early January I become smoke free. I had already made up my mind & also hoped my husband would stop to.
Shellie's 2 sons
I was searching the Internet for ways I could help others fight addictions and learn healthier eating and lifestyle habits when I found some info on running. I also stumbled across some info on a running group that week that would be running close near where I lived. They  were called the ” MS Mud Pirates”, I was invited to meet up with them and take a walk/run, whatever I was capable of doing. I messaged my cousin, and also noticed she was aware of the running group and was going to.She was already a active runner and fairly a speedy one to. I new I would never keep up with her pace but I was determined I would run solo if I had to. So we chatted and she said she was going to and would meet with me there. We ended up meeting them that evening and It was the best decision I ever made. I ran that night. Later that evening in my mind, I was hoping my husband Joseph would eventually come along as well. Even though he did not attend this night, I never gave up hope. My hope was he would eventually stop the addiction of smoking as well and possibly see the positiveness of running.  So I put ever bit of STRESS I had on that pavement that evening. I decided that I would continue to share every bit of education I learn with others so they can make the same changes when they are ready .
Shellie Pass to Bay 10k
It really takes someone sick and tired of being sick and tired before they decide to change. So that night I pounded foot after foot all my frustration and worries with every stride I had. It hurt, I was tired, I had to slow down a few times, I got the worst side cramps ever, felt as if i failed as a runner, I walked even a bit when I had to, BUT I  completed it. I can say not one of  the pirates running that night gave up on me. For the recorded, a few even come back and ran with me till I finished.
 I completed my first 3 miles in 40 min and 21 sec. The support and motivation was AWESOME. That is when I new I had a new ADDICTION and it was the best one ever and slowly I would learn how to become the best runner I could be. I come home later and thought to myself what did I just do? I felt exhausted, a little sore but I was somewhat relaxed without a different type of outlook on how i could reduce of stress. I new I had WON!!
I gave a few lines to my husband in hopes he would join me. I talked about how the team was so fabulous, it felt awesome and I could have not even imagine not going that night. Well lets just say my husband joined me for the next run. I was happy.  I thought he would be my running partner but little did I learn his height  6′-7″ and long legs don’t go well with someone who is 5′-7” lol. So needless to say he either runs with me or waits for me at the finish line. I cant say enough about MS MUD PIRATES, and representing our team as being a runner. I always say Knowledge is POWER and BELIEVING in yourself is the key.
Shellie MS Mud Pirates
Being a part of MS MUD PIRATES is like a family, a like minded source of people, loads of fun, great supporters and we accept anyone who wants to make a change towards healthier living and being fit. As I look back today, My husband runs, so do I and our boys ages 4 & 5. Me,  I couldn’t feel prouder!  My husband Joey and I have completed several 5K’s, A 10K , many group run, runs for US Road Running, virtual runs and so many new friends and great memories. We both are very dedicated and showing our children about health and being fit.  It is clearly a mental challenge in becoming a runner. I have beat my PR just recently. So I am excited and pumped. We will be doing a warrior dash, completing our first half marathon and looking forward to so many more achievements in 2014. Every run is different and every run I let go of things I can not change in others or simply reduce the burdens of daily stress..  I LOVE MY NEW ADDICTION….. and still learning NEVER SAY CAN’T. I can and I am doing it! Getting better every time!
Shellie Joey and I
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  1. tovec01 says:

    I admire this post. Being an anti-smoking advocate, I also do find ways to empower other people to be clean and healthy by staying away from smoking. I know it’s hard to quit smoking in a snap of your fingers, but with advocates such as this, they will have an inspiration to motivate them. I am planning to release an anti-smoking banner for this, I hope you can view my site for any updates on this project of mine. Just visit Tove’s site any time soon. Thanks.

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